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Maryton is the most professional factory that produces disposable & reusable nail products such as pumice, nail buffer, nail file, spa liner, sterilization pouch, pedicure & manicure kits, bath bomb etc. Our company occupies an area of 20000 square meters and employs more than 90 employees. We have a rich experience in the personal care industry.

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We focus on every details of the production process in order to make sure our products are safe, meet all the requirements and satisfy our customers. Actually, we have an in-line QC at each production point to check any problem that occured during the manufacturing process. Thanks to this efficiency, we are reactive so we can deal quickly with any problem on the manufacturing process. We have a rich experience in cost management and are extremely strict about the quality control, that allows us to be effective and help us to ensure the quality of our products. Strong production ability and effective management and logistic ensure our prompt delivery. Providing best Quality and Service is our business philosophy. We guarantee you that the products we provide are of best quality and with superior service.

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